Saturday, April 27, 2013

I saw hole was in His Hands

I saw the hole was in his hands some time ago I chat with Debby, we wear enjoy chatting. Eventually come in to a story about Jesus. I was born from a Christian father and Muslim mothers in that time in Indonesia is legal to be married with a different religion. Any way that I was born of different parent believes that made me to follow two convictions, in Ramadan time i’am fasting, when I was child, when Ramadan prayers terawih I went together with the children’s around my house. That I keep doing this till i’am 21 yrs, I said to self, will you keep continue like this forever? Chose which ones you would consider to be. But which one then? I do not want any mistake. So I start for three days and three nights I was just praying and fasting asking for clues, I said GOD, God, THE CREATION, Yahweh, anyone YOU referred to people, show me which way and what religion should I take and I believe, so continued for 3 days 3 night. Now at the last night I do shower ablution well. Consumables that wear clean clothes, wear Mokena, plug mat, put candles on his knees, fingers interlocked (prayer position) and surrender. It's just me show my way. Eyes closed for a wellthen suddenly I saw the light, there came one in the men's light, his face I do not know recognize is look like athe middle east man look.. The man smiles and calls by hand. I asked who you are. He hasn’t answer yet, I asked again because he was waving his hand like he ask me to come to Him, I asked HIM 3x who are you? He approached and waved hands the direction from bottom to top at that moment I saw the hole in his hand and a glowing hole.

So from that moment I know he is Jesus Yehusuwa Isa almasih, and then I said to Him Jesus. I will follow you forever. This personal experience occurred in June 1991.I just wrote this stories of my life. Ok friend I love you all who ever n whatever u believe in.